About our Flooring Specialist in Florida

Located at 2930 Pleasant Hill Road in Kissimmee, FL, Kasa Tile Gallery was born from ten years of hard work, sacrifice, and experience owning and operating a tile and flooring franchise.

Hard work and sacrifice have allowed us to change for the future. We have adapted ourselves to the market price and educated all of our staff on tiles in Kissimmee, FL. We believe that the real meaning and purpose of selling is not about the sale, but the opportunity to fulfill customer needs and make them happy.

Selling, buying, and making good decisions have been strong foundations in our business. This franchise has allowed us to know about being a proprietor, and the opportunity to run a fantastic tile showroom in Florida. We also want to thank our Lord Jesus for being an inspiration and providing hope throughout many times of desperation. We look forward to all of the great opportunities we will have to show off our tiles in Kissimmee, FL, to new and returning customers.

Our flooring specialist in Florida will always treat you with dignity and respect. Our goal is to reach all of Central Florida and offer quality tiles at affordable prices. You can count on us for personnel with the best knowledge of the tile market for your next renovation project.

At Kasa Tile Gallery, we strive to make every customer who steps through our tile showroom in Florida happy with their purchase. Our flooring specialist in Florida will show you that buying the tiles can be as exciting as installing them and watching your home come together.